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Rochelle S. Silagan was born in Carmen , Davao Del Norte.
She’s the 6th child of  Felix Silagan and Rosario Silagan, an Overseas Filipino Worker  in Japan.

She’s currently a fourth year student at Francisco Adlaon Learning Institute(FALI).
As a graduating student of batch  2013-2014 she is doing her best not just in the field of academics but also in some other fields.
Few months from now she will enter a new planet where things become more challenging .Rochelle plans to take Bachelor of Science in Accountancy which is the first step of her dreams.  A dream to be one of  those successful Accountants.
5 years more than at the age of 16, she would surely  be one of the top 10 board passers and get her license as CPA.

Plans to render businesses and to own a well-known company.  She dreams of owning banks, malls, hotels,restaurants and even resorts.  She also wanted to become a chemical engineer.

This young lady has also planned to build an organization which aims to help young people to be someone better. These are the individuals with integrity and courage to stand with their rights. This organization will enhance their skills and capabilities , helping  our youths to show off their talents  and to gain the confidence that everybody must have. It will also teach them not only on how to follow rules but also on how to command and  be a good leader for their fellow individuals.  Thus, this would be the best way of helping unfortunate children who sleep in the streets and eat left-over foods.

Rochelle is a consistent honor student from kindergarten until high school.  She’s also the SBO-President in their school and at the same time, she’s leading the Drum and Bugle Corps. She loves dancing and going to school everyday. Through joining different competitions she’s  able to gain more confident and become even more productive.


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